Best Serving Tips For Badminton..

Badminton, like tennis, can boast a wide and exciting range of serves. Unlike tennis, it cannot indulge in the easy luxury of hitting downwards thunderbolts at a receiver over 24 meters away. The laws of badminton are particularly restrictive where the serve is concerned.

The High Serve

The aim of the high serve is to force your opponent back in court and to blunt his/her attack. To play the shot stand sideways on with your left shoulder and foot pointing into the diagonally opposite court. By way of preparation, hold the shuttle, between thumb and forefinger, with outstretched arm and shoulder height, so that if dropped it would fall a foot outside your leading foot, the left one.

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Sway backwards so that your weight is on the back foot. With arm bent and wrist cocked, the racket is held up almost vertically behind and to the right of your thigh. Choose your target area, then simply open thumb and forefinger to allow the shuttle to drop straight, sweeping the racket down to meet it, with the heel of the hand leading, the arm straightening, the body turning square to the net, and the knees bending slightly. 

The Low Serve

The aim of the low serve is to strike the shuttle with the flattest possible trajectory. So that it starts to drop just before crossing and literally skimming the tape and therefore cannot be hit down. 

As with the high serve, stand sideways on, facing the receiver diagonally. So, with left foot and shoulder forward, stand tall, weight slightly on the back foot. Hold the shuttle’s skirt at the top between forefinger and thumb with arm bent so that when released the shuttle will drop just to the right of your leading foot.

With the right hand, hold the racket in the conventional rip. Ensure that your grip is relaxed – not too tight and not too loose. Place the racket, pointing downwards, just to thigh. No power is needed so a longer back swing is not required. Bend the arm as far as you comfortably can to bring he racket-head up vertically as high as possible. This will give you a flatter trajectory. And the wrist is firstly cocked back – and kept cocked back throughout the shot. Now, choose your target area and take your time.